Thursday, July 24, 2008

Very long term project :-)

I had seen them before on Flickr and have been wanting to make my own Babette Blanket , but knowing myself I will start with great enthusiasm.... to never finish the project, or it will take too long and I will lose interest, only to start something new again.

Well.. remember that layout that I made in 2007 using the word Patience as my word for that same year?
I am doing a lot better now on the patience part, but I also realize that practicing patience is an ongoing exercise...
This is why I decided to stick another year with this word instead of choosing a new one. First I have to master the art of being patient a little bit more.

Anyway...I just ordered the pattern online here
a few days ago and have started right away..very patiently ;-)

If you want to see why I fell in love with this blanket, check out these links and enjoy:
1. Photo 081,
2. IMG_3277,
3. babette border,
4. the squares laid out.

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Nat said...

What a cool project - I can#t wait to see it finished!!!