Sunday, January 07, 2007

One Little Word

In response to Ali Edwards challenge on her blog, where she tells us about her tradition to choose 1 word every year in January " to reflect on, to mediate on... 1 word that sums up what you want for yourself..." in the new year, I decided to play along and choose a word for myself which will be with me all year long.

weekly challenge

"This week your challenge is to
create something, anything, that celebrates your chosen word for 2007. Maybe a layout. Maybe a blog posting or a journal entry or a simple post-it note that
you put somewhere you can see it each day. Make sure to journal about why you
chose your word and what it means for you - the more you let yourself explore the more benefit you will receive in the end."

The word I have chosen for myself this year is PATIENCE

In the last couple of years I have grown to be more and more impatient. I want instant succes, instant happines, instant answers etcetera.
I am now facing the consequences of my attitude; I am constantly fighting with familymembers, I am not happy with my job, the fact that I am still not pregnant after having unsafe sex ( :)!)for nearly 19 months is putting me down more and more each day and I know that especially with this part of my life I might have to face some big challenges this coming year. My patience will be put to the test big time this year!

For Ali's Challenge I made the following LO:

The journaling is a quote from the "I Ching; The Book of Changes"

"When clouds form in the skies we know that rain will follow but we must not wait for it. Nothing will be achieved by attempting to interfere with the future before the time is ripe. Patience is needed"

Supplies for this LO:
Hambly Screenprints Patterned Paper "Bohemian" - Available HERE
Bazzil cardstock (I love their Kraft cardstock - also available @ MLS


Nicole said...

Daphne ik kreeg er gewoon kippevel van ik vind je LO geweldig en ik moest meteen hieraan denken
zelf doe ik ook mee en toen ik de newsletter kreeg van Ali wist ik meteen welk woord...

gr Nicole

nat said...

this is awesome and I love the word you chose!

*Fauve* said...

Owmyyyyyyy LOVE this!!Great job girl!!

Monique said...

Mooie lo geworden Daf!! Heb ook een woord gekozen, nu nog de lo!

Mirjam said...

Super!!!!! Ik vind alles mooi, de foto, de kleur, de layout, en de titel, beyond scrapping!

Mirjam said...

And eh Daphne, if you finish the book, let me know what you think :-))

MaMaLoT said...

OMG... this one is awesome girl! :)

Dawn said...

Patience is a great word - and something I need to learn LOL...beautiful LO's :D

malou said...

Good luck in achieving your goal in having patience, I know sometimes it might take awhile to achieve that but I know you will.

D@nielle said...

You Rock, and I so know what you mean ... on a lot of fronts, either been there or still there... I thought I'd play alond and have chosen my word !