Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As promised....

.....another blogpost!...
I am soooo busy doing nothing most of the time...just lying on the couch with my big belly and boobies.... getting up now and then to make myself a cup of tea or get some snacks from the kitchen :-).

But when I was not busy being a lazy pregnant woman, I have been busy negotiating about the price of a house we want to buy... but after 1,5 week we have been overbid by another buyer...or so the real estate guy tells us. Well... a lot of trouble and time for nothing. On to the next house.

Last week I was sick for great part of the week; a combination of a heavy cold and a really bad toothache! So I was stuck in my bed for 3 days and after that a few days of recovering. The bad thing about being pregnant is that they can't make any xray pictures at the dentist to see what is the problem and you are not allowed to take any aspirin; the only painkiller that really works for me. Luckily I feel better now!

Anyway....no time for scrapping lately, nor any creative feeling that forces me to go up to my scraproom and create some layouts... I feel like this baby is sucking all the creativity from me!
I will do my very best to do some scrapping in this week; I have to finish the latest Dutch Dare (which will be posted tomorrow). The topic this time is hilarious so take a look tomorrow on the Dutch Dare blog
Also expect a new technique from STUDIO DAPHNAT in the near future (yes dear Nat, I will email you asap :-)!)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The moment....

... you've all been waiting for: a new blogpost!
And not just an ordinary blogpost: I am proud to show you the results from a Studio
DaphNat technique, Natalie and I finished weeks ago.... (sorry schatz! Thanks for your patience :-)!!!)

I combined this Lo with a challenge on Angelique's blog: find out about this the challenge HERE.
On the photo's you see a pack of 100% biologically good eco-diapers....which of course are a little more expensive than the big well known brands, but since baby's are not very environmental-friendly, we thought we would make a good start buying this eco-diapers!

Expect more blog posts this week!