Monday, April 30, 2007


Studio DaphNat is taking a little break :-)
Nat is on vacation and when she comes back, I will go on a little holiday myself!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Studio DaphNat #6 - Layered Masking Tape Technique

We just can't get enough of Claudine Hellmuth's books; this time we tried another one of her techniques. And again it is simple to do, you do not need a lot of supplies and the results just rule!!

What you need this week:
Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint (1 or 2 or 3 colours; experiment!)
Gel Medium

How to do it:
Tear different sizes of masking tape and stick them on a piece of cardstock. Just keep layering pieces of tape on top of eachother until you like the structure of it.

The next step is to seal the masking tape with a layer of gel medium
Let it dry by air or use a heattool.

To finish your project add a layer of (thinned) paint and dabb it off with a paper napkin. Add a second layer of paint (this can be a different colour like I did here)and also dab it.
I used an oily baby wipe on the second layer of paint.

Since this is such an easy to do technique don't be afraid to experiment with multiple colours, adding paint with your fingers, use really thin name it! Just try it!
Have fun and don't forget to stop by at Nat's blog to see what she did with this technique :-)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Finding You # 1

I decided to make all the layouts for the Finding You workshop on a size I had never worked on before: 6 x 12 inch.
I make the layouts on kraft cardstock first and then glue them to cardboard.
Although I am posting a bit late...I am right on schedule with the workshop :)
The rest will be posted in a while so stay tuned

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Studio DaphNat #4 - THE RESULTS - Plastic Wrap Crinkle

I have been a bit lazy posting lately...but I still managed to find some time to create something with the result of the Plastic Wrap Crinkle technique Nat and I tried a while ago. To make the following project I actually sanded most of the crinkle wrap look away LOL.
Then I made some gel medium transfers of typical Mexican skull images to the sides of the box.
I also made a gel medium transfer of Frida on a piece of linocut.
I used a lot of flowers because on most pictures Frida is wearing a lot of flowers in her hair, in bright colours. To buy these flowers check out the Memory Lane Website.
The little square buttons on the flowers are also for sale @ Memory Lane. As well as the big MDF letter "F".

I painted this letter using a technique Nat and I tried earlier; the Peeling Paint technique.
To finish it I stamped on it with one of the new stamps I got from this really cool stampshop Stamp Francisco
Paper on the background is from Basic Grey and I stamped on the glass with Stazon and Autumn Leaves Alpha stamps ( which I love love love!)
Check out Nat's blog: She has made a beautiful canvas!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Studio DaphNat #5 - Crayon Muffin Technique

The previous posts from Studio DaphNat were about techniques taken from Claudine Hellmuts books.
This week we wanted to try something different and we chose a technique from "Collage Unleashed" by Traci Bautista.
Nat baptized this technique "Crayon Muffin"; you will understand this later on.

What you need this week:
Crayons (the cheap ones for children work perfectly)
Travel Iron (or iron without holes!)
Disposable muffin tin
Heat gun
Items with texture that you can use for stamping
Craft Sheet

Step 1 - transform crayons into a crayon cupcake / crayon muffin :)
How to do it?
Preheat your oven at more or less 120 degrees Celsius (250 Fahrenheit)
Break pieces of crayons (remove the paper!) and layer them into the disposable muffin tin.
Put this in the oven and wait to see when the crayons start melting.
When they are melted, turn off the oven and let the crayons dry completely.
DO NOT MOVE the muffin tin; the colours will mix too much.

Step 2 - transform blank cardstock in a cool waxed background paper
Although in the book it said to smear the cupcake directly on a heated travel iron.... I decided to try it in a different way after my floor was full of dripped crayon :(.
I just lay the cupcake on my craft sheet and pressed my travel iron on it.
This way you can apply the wax easily to the cardstock.
Keep on adding the wax, turning and twisting your iron onto the cardstock, until the background is as you like it.

Step 3 - Adding texture / drizzle / glitter / doodling
Now that you have your background finished you can do whatever you like.
While the wax is still can doodle on it, add glitter, add texture with textured wallpaper for instance...
What I did was draw on the hot iron with a crayon and then drizzle this onto the cardstock.
Just be creative and make your own waxed background paper :)

All in all...this technique is easy and difficult at the same time... adding melted wax to cardstock with an iron isn't that difficult.
What does make it not an easy to do technique is that you have to know when to have to mix the right colours... etc etc.
So this one takes some practice..but still is fun to do!!

Now check out Nat's results on her blog!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A new day... A new dare

Check out the Dutch Dare blog.......NOW!
We have a guest designer this week :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Studio DaphNat #3 - THE RESULTS - Peeling Paint Technique

For the results of the peeling paint technique that Nat and I tried 3 weeks ago I let myself be inspired by spring and made a

Supplies used:

Outside of the box:
Ikea wooden box small
Acrylic Paint

Inside of the box:
Basic Grey patterned paper
Bird in nest with eggs from Xenos
Photo on the background printed on transparency inkjet paper
Golden gel medium to glue everything
pieces of a tree
and some green Christmas decoration stuff from Praxis.

Don't forget to check out Nat's blog to see her amazing creation for this technique!
Next Sunday we will post a new technique for Studio DaphNat!