Sunday, April 22, 2007

Studio DaphNat #6 - Layered Masking Tape Technique

We just can't get enough of Claudine Hellmuth's books; this time we tried another one of her techniques. And again it is simple to do, you do not need a lot of supplies and the results just rule!!

What you need this week:
Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint (1 or 2 or 3 colours; experiment!)
Gel Medium

How to do it:
Tear different sizes of masking tape and stick them on a piece of cardstock. Just keep layering pieces of tape on top of eachother until you like the structure of it.

The next step is to seal the masking tape with a layer of gel medium
Let it dry by air or use a heattool.

To finish your project add a layer of (thinned) paint and dabb it off with a paper napkin. Add a second layer of paint (this can be a different colour like I did here)and also dab it.
I used an oily baby wipe on the second layer of paint.

Since this is such an easy to do technique don't be afraid to experiment with multiple colours, adding paint with your fingers, use really thin name it! Just try it!
Have fun and don't forget to stop by at Nat's blog to see what she did with this technique :-)


Nat said...

love your result - mine is a bit plainer- LOL!


*fauve* said...

Yes i love this,you can put it right on the wall like this!

Eminepala said...

Gorgeous technique daphne ;)

Julie said...

WOw- this is awesome and looks so easy!!

Mirjam said...

It looks awesome! Gonna try this one for sure!

christiane said...

love that it's so easy and looks soo good!! bravo!! :))

Monique said...

love this technique! Cool colors!

MaMaLoT said...

This is such a cool technique sweetie... I love what you did with it! :)

Kimberly White said...

Thanks for stopping by unpubbed (Your15Minutes) Love your art! Kim

Mandy said...

Looking good, gonna try this on a playing card soon! Thanks for sharing!

malou said...

OMG, this is darn awesome!

Sharon said...

Fabulous!!! I've tried this technique in the past myself - I love your results!