Sunday, September 20, 2009

You can't imagine.... relaxing it is NOT to blog for a while, although I must admit that 4 months is a bit long. It is just that when you haven't posted for a while, you get a little lazy and don't really care about another day without blogging.... and before you know it people start thinking that something is seriously wrong with you.
Relax... I am perfectly okay!

To start where I left off (the end of May...)...
We spend a magnificent 2 weeks in Dahab, Egypt in the beginning of June although when you look at this picture some of you might ask yourself how you can spend a great holiday in an environment like this..
Well.. that is quite easy; all you do is eat, sleep, do some snorkling, eat some more, read a book and stay out of the sun (around 37 degrees Celsius most of the days, dropping just a few degrees at night).
I really spend the most relaxing holiday EVER here, not just because of the heat but especially because of the friendly atmosphere of the village and the people. Getting in touch with locals is no problem at all, especially not when you have a little one with you, because they adore kids!

The only "activity" was snorkling... when you walk into the water, you immediately step onto the reef (forbidden of course, but hard to avoid) where you can see the most beautiful fish you've ever seen!

(Saudi Arabia is just across the water, only 17 km)
These camels really walk around on the streets and on the beaches, just like herds of goats and stray cats. And although poverty is all around you, people approach you as being equal, you don't feel like the "white rich man" there (unlike as in certain parts of Asia for example :-(....).

No matter how I loved to stay there I have never ever enjoyed coming home so much as this time and the reason for that is this: GREEN GRASS, GREEN TREES.... oh my god!!! How beautiful they look after spending two weeks in the Sinai!!

The rest of our summer was dominated by family. Michiel (and his brother) had to take care of their parents 24/7 after them having health problems, which meant that I was sort of a single mom most of the days. NO FUN AT ALL.... It meant no energy for me, just lying on the couch all night after work, cooking and bathing B.
We (B and I) did however spend some wonderful days outside which meant a little relaxation for me.

I have done some creating as well, but can't show it to you yet because it will still take a while before it is finished. Will share pictures soon (haha.. kind of funny that I dare to use "soon" after not having blogged for 4 months...).
Please don't trust me...hehe..