Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The solution...

... for having enough time to cut, paint, glue, tare any piece of paper or fabric is winning the lottery and quiting your job....
At the moment, this is my favorite fantasy :-).
My current frustration is that with the time I have left between mothering and working I have to choose between paper and fabric. Because I am still learning it's logical to choose fabric, because practice makes perfect. In the meanwhile my head is overflowing with ideas for scrapping, atc's etcetera... but then... how can I resist those prints? NEED MORE TIME....NOW!

Fabric rules.... Check out www.fabricparadise.com for example, I guarantee you will start to make up all kinds of excuses, so that you can order just a few yards of cool fabric. Come on... you know you want it!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Still alive....

... very much alive indeed. I was just bloghopping and read the following:

i need to start posting more often. i think i get caught up in all the things i could or should be sharing and get overwhelmed.

It so stupid that I simply don't take the time to blog once in a while, because I do love it. It is very comforting though that there are (a lot!) of people who have the same "problem".

What I have been doing the last month? What do you think?

For this dress I used the same pattern as for Bincke's birthday dress and the Duckie dress. The fabric with the print is (again!) from Alexander Henry called "The Perfect Pattern".

This cutie dress was sewn as a present for a little baby girl, born on the first day of Christmas...

Sooo...I have been enjoying myself, have been sick for almost a week too.
Have booked a great vacation: we will be staying in a house in Dahab, Egypt for 2 weeks in June :-)...yay! No mass tourism here, which is good, very good!!
Besides snorkeling...I won't be doing anything here :-), except petting the occasional camel or goat that comes by our house haha...
Googling Dahab I found someone saying:
"Dahab - Tourist trap at the Red Sea. It took us 30 days to escape."
I soooo can't wait until its June!
Did you already book your holiday?