Monday, March 26, 2007

Deck of Me # 10 & # 11

The prompt for # 10 was: "A note to self"....mine is quite long..... Luckily it is only a small card or the note would be a lot longer

The prompt for card #11 was "your initial". At first I was making a list of words beginning with a D;

But then I decided to choose a somewhat more positive direction and ripped out the word "dream" of the dictionary and glued it to the back, stamping my name all over it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Studio DaphNat # 4 - Plastic Wrap Crinkle

A new technique from Studio DaphNat and it is an easy one this time!

Plastic Wrap (vershoudfolie in dutch)
Acrylic Paint (1 or 2 colours)

Mix your acrylic paint with so much water that it gets the consistency of watercolour.
Start painting your surface (you can choose to use 2 colours next to eachother) and when you are done carefully place the plastic wrap over it.

TIP: Already cut a piece of plastic wrap quite a bit bigger than your
surface before you start painting; you don't want to have to hurry at the
time that you actually need it.

Leave the plastic wrap on your surface and carefully start moving it around with your fingers until it looks crinkled enough to you.
Wait until the paint is completely dry and then carefully remove the plastic wrap:

An easy technique with great results!
This cool background technique can be found in "Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected" from Claudine Hellmuth

First layer: Gold Acrylic Paint
Second layer: Red Acrylic Paint
Surface: Wood

First layer: 2 different green colours acrylic paint
Surface: Acrylic canvas paper
(bad photo....with flash)

First layer: White Acrylic Paint
Surface: Black Bazzill cardstock

Now hurry over to Nat's Blog :); she says it is her favorite technique so far!
And enjoy playing with this technique yourself :)!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sneak Peek Dutch Dare # 10

Quite a big sneak this time :).
Have a look at the picture and take your time to read this little piece of Dutch history before you go over to the Dutch Dare blog to see the new dare, which will be posted on Wednesday morning.

BTW....the girl on the picture....
is my mother in law.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Studio DaphNat #2 - THE RESULTS - Rinse Aid Resist

A few weeks ago Nat and I tried the Rinse Aid Resist technique.

I tried it on a canvas. Because I wasn't really satisfied with the results I tried the Peeling Paint technique last weekend to make the canvas look better; a good decision.. I loved the canvas after that.

This weekend we both worked on a project for our Rinse Aid experiment and I am really proud to show it here.
It took me 7! hours to make it look like this but I LOVE the result.

First I made 2 phototransfers (color & black/white) on the canvas with Golden gel medium... I did something wrong but I liked the result anyhow...Might have to explore this technique further together with Nat later on..

Because the transfer directly on canvas didn't work out the way I planned I made a transfer with the color copy and contactpaper. I started adding and moving around paper, fibers, paint, did some stamping on the canvas with Stazon and after a while this is what came out of it:

Now go over to Nat's blog and check out her Rinse Aid Results!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Journalers Junction #10 - Inspired by a song

If you don't know the song; take your time to listen... it is sooooo beautiful.
I am not really a big John Lennon fan but this is just perfect!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Studio DaphNat #3 - Peeling Paint Technique

2 weeks already have passed since
Nat and I tried the Rinse Aid Resist Technique
as described on page 30 from Claudine Hellmuths book "Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected".

We were both not really satisfied with the results from our experiments with the rinse aid so this week we decided to try a new technique from Claudine Hellmuth, with which you can achieve similar results:


WHAT YOU NEED is the following:

Petroleum Jelly
Acrylic Paints
Baby Wipes
Gel Medium (optional)

You can choose your own art surface.
I chose to try this technique on 3 different surfaces:


Add a medium thick layer of petroleum jelly to your art surface
Paint a thinned layer (not too thin) of acrylic paint over it.
The petroleum jelly will work as a resist.
When the layer of paint is dry, you can use tissues or baby wipes (worked the best for me) to wipe of the remaining petroleum jelly.

The following pictures show the process step by step:

Since I was not really happy with my rinse aid results on the canvas I thought I'd try to use the peeling paint technique to make the canvas look a little bit better; the results show in the picture in the beginning of this post.

To finish the experiment I also tried the peeling paint technique on paper.
In order to not damage your paper you have to cover it with gel medium first.
When this layer is dry you can start adding the petroleum jelly to the parts that you want to leave open.

All in all this is a very simple to do technique and you do not need a lot of time, since acrylic paints dry very fast and so does the gel medium.
Try it out yourself and when you do leave me and Nat a message so that we can see your results. I would be really interested seeing some furniture altered with this technique.......

Have fun and don't forget to check out Nat's results on her blog!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sick in bed.......

..... but that doesn't stop me from blogging, stamping, scrapping, calling, chatting and shopping :).

With a laptop being sick is actually quite okay!
On Friday I ordered some tickets for the first Gwen Stefani concert here in Holland ever!
Sales started at 13.00 hrs and with the phone in one hand and handling the laptop with my right hand... I got the tickets online at 13.07... after getting disconnected on the phone a few times: "the line is too busy, please try again later..tuuuuuuutt".

I changed the look on my blog and found a cool free online tutorial to learn some more html.

Ordered some photo's online on Thursday evening and received them Saturday morning.

I ordered some really cool stamps @ Stamp Francisco..... aarhghghh and spend tooooo much money ...

When I felt well enough, I got up for a few hours and worked on a new experiment for Studio DaphNat which will be posted tomorrow.

Also got some fun news from Danielle;
Corinne Delis will be giving 2 workshops for Memory Lane Scrapbooking on April 7.
Check out the MLS website for more details on these workshops.
If you couldn't make it to the Wacky Workshop Weekend to take one of Corinne's classes
you now have a new opportunity. I have a feeling they are both going to be really great!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Visual Chronicles - Prompt Tags

A while ago I bought the book "Visual Chronicles" (you can see it in the sidebar).
Since I have the flu, I have installed myself in bed with my laptop and some books.
And I was flipping through Visual Chronicles..not really able to read because my head, ears and throat are hurting big time, until I came upon this chapter about prompt tags.
In this chapter the writers explain how to use tags with your own chosen prompts to help you with your journaling.

Not being able to sleep because somebody outside was cutting down all the trees in the neighbourhood (at least it sounded like this) I decided to bring into my bed some tags, walnut Ink and Distress Ink to create my own prompt tags.
First I inked them all, waited for them to dry and then I added some cool stamping to the back.
Will add the prompts later.

Also, because being sick at home makes me feel quite useless I worked on a new banner for Emine's blog. A few days ago I saw her cry for help on her blog; she needed help with a banner.
Today I made one for her and also installed it on her blog. Check it out HERE.
And while you are visiting her blog, don't forget to have a look at her wonderful Hambly album :)!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CPS #4 & Deck of Me #9

A new Dutch Dare is online; CLICK HERE to see all the new creations for this weeks dare!

This is the card I made for this weeks CPS sketch.
Used some Basic Grey, KI, paintdabber and 2 of my new stamps:
The stitched frame is from Hero Arts.
The dancing hula chick is from Inkadinkado.
I coloured her bikini and body with some cool pens I got from Charlotte last Friday :))).
"Celebrate" is a Brenda Walton clearstamp.
The wooden fence is made from wooden ice sticks, broken in half

The prompt for this weeks Art Journal from Emily Falconbridge was "Inspiration". Where do you find it? For me the answer to that question must be the internet. I always find things that inspire me on the web... no matter the subject.
The web is like an endless bucket of inspiration and new things to discover every day!
Love surfing. Love "communicating" and sharing with other people through blogs and messageboards. The last year the internet has also brought me many new friendships.....
which is great!

I already prepared the backsides of my 4 Deck of Me cards for March. As you might have noticed I have more or less the same design on the back for one month.
For March I stamped my favorite floral Hero Arts stamps with Rusty Brown Stazon on the card. Added some scraps of Cherry Arte. Stamped a Purple Onion frame & "Observation".
The date stamp is a Heidi Swapp rolling stamp :(..... not my favourite -LOL

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sneak Peeks Dutch Dare # 9

Ingredients for this weeks Dare:

Hambly rub ons
Ranger Distress Ink
Ranger Perfect Pearls
Glossy Paper
Purple Onion Stamps
Journaling Stamp Provocraft
A quote
2 photos

Check out the Dutch Dare blog tomorrow for a new dare!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lots and Lots to share.....

....starting last Friday....
Charlotte came to visit me...or actually she just wanted to go to the Posthumuswinkel and I live nearby ;).

We didn't have much time because we stayed in the stampshop toooooo long but at my place we played around a little with our new stamps, Ranger Distress Inks (which totally rule!) and Shrink Plastic (which also rules!).

Saturday was.... well.... Saturday.. quite boring; cleaning the house, doing some grocery shopping and visit my inlaws where we had dinner.

And then it was Sunday: WACKY WORKSHOP WEEKEND.

I went to 2 workshops from Celine Navarro, which were great. Just love the way she teaches ; she first takes her time to explain step by step what you can do with certain products... she doesn't just tell you what to do, she really shows it you in a patient and relaxing way. Love this!

The first class i took from her was "Mixed Media Art Journal" (not finished yet, will show it later..if I ever finish it - LOL)

The second was a "Collage Class" where she taught us how to use gesso to create texture on your paper / canvas. You can see the result above :).
That really smart literature lover who can tell me the title of the book from which I used the quote "I just noticed what a stupid haircut somebody gave her" on my collage :) will receive a big RAK from me
I will give a hint... a famous murderer had this book in his hand while shooting someone...
Actually the murderer became famous because he killed someone famous......
I need the title and the writer of the book and that RAK will be yours!
This RAK will include 1 of my Marbled Frida ATC's....
And no girls...if you took one of Celines classes at the WWW... you cannot play - LOL!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

CPS blog - #1, #2 & #3

I recently discovered a new blog for cardmakers.
It is called Card Positioning Systems and you can find a new sketch there every week.
Since making cards is an excellent way to get rid of your stash of little scraps I decided to join these challenges.

Friday, March 02, 2007


A few weeks ago Nat and I tried the Marbling technique with shaving foam and here is what I made with it:
My first ATC... which I definitely will not trade because I love them tooo much!

For the top line I just used the marbled paper as a background to stamp on and I inked the edges with gold ink.
The cards on the bottom are a little bit different. I stamped Frida on the marbled background, cut her out and heatembossed her twice with UTEE. I stamped a background with my Hero Arts flower stamp.. which I love... and glued Frida on top of it! The UTEE effect is really cool!

The photo edge I used for this collage is downloaded from 2peas; flourish edges digital set by Rhonna Farrer.