Sunday, March 25, 2007

Studio DaphNat # 4 - Plastic Wrap Crinkle

A new technique from Studio DaphNat and it is an easy one this time!

Plastic Wrap (vershoudfolie in dutch)
Acrylic Paint (1 or 2 colours)

Mix your acrylic paint with so much water that it gets the consistency of watercolour.
Start painting your surface (you can choose to use 2 colours next to eachother) and when you are done carefully place the plastic wrap over it.

TIP: Already cut a piece of plastic wrap quite a bit bigger than your
surface before you start painting; you don't want to have to hurry at the
time that you actually need it.

Leave the plastic wrap on your surface and carefully start moving it around with your fingers until it looks crinkled enough to you.
Wait until the paint is completely dry and then carefully remove the plastic wrap:

An easy technique with great results!
This cool background technique can be found in "Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected" from Claudine Hellmuth

First layer: Gold Acrylic Paint
Second layer: Red Acrylic Paint
Surface: Wood

First layer: 2 different green colours acrylic paint
Surface: Acrylic canvas paper
(bad photo....with flash)

First layer: White Acrylic Paint
Surface: Black Bazzill cardstock

Now hurry over to Nat's Blog :); she says it is her favorite technique so far!
And enjoy playing with this technique yourself :)!


Nat said...

Love your results - awesome different surfaces!!!! Hahhhh - what fun - I wanna do this all day - trying new techniques with Daphne ;-)

christiane said...

*brilliance* results!!! ;)) girls, you totally rock!!!!

MaMaLoT said...

Yes yes yes, love this technique... I used it with my little collage of Julian and the birdie... :)

I absolutely love the gold/red one!

*fauve* said...

So awesome!!Love the LOOK!!

Mandy said...

Gonna try this soon, i have soooo much vershoudfolie i could wrap my entire house in it, thanks for the inspiration!

Eminepala said...

this is so Beautiful... Love the technique...

thanks for sharing

Mirjam said...

This sound like fun!!! Will try it soon! Love the gold and red one you made, is it one of those little boxes again or did you start on you cupboards LOL?

Nicole said...

Geweldig Daphne...ik heb deze techniek misschien al zo'n 15 jaar geleden gedaan, maar was het dus helemaal vergeten, ga het deze week zeker een keer doen...

Super resultaat...

gr Nicole

dawn said...

WOW girl - stunning results too, gorgeous :)

D@nielle said...

oooh I love this technique, looks so cool !

Tammy said...

Help! I am having problems getting the wrap to come off my painting. I didn't have any problems using Saran wrap, however I used Sam's plastic wrap this time and I can't get it off the painting. Can anyone help me? Please email me at
Thanks! This is a very cool effect!!