Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sick in bed.......

..... but that doesn't stop me from blogging, stamping, scrapping, calling, chatting and shopping :).

With a laptop being sick is actually quite okay!
On Friday I ordered some tickets for the first Gwen Stefani concert here in Holland ever!
Sales started at 13.00 hrs and with the phone in one hand and handling the laptop with my right hand... I got the tickets online at 13.07... after getting disconnected on the phone a few times: "the line is too busy, please try again later..tuuuuuuutt".

I changed the look on my blog and found a cool free online tutorial to learn some more html.

Ordered some photo's online on Thursday evening and received them Saturday morning.

I ordered some really cool stamps @ Stamp Francisco..... aarhghghh and spend tooooo much money ...

When I felt well enough, I got up for a few hours and worked on a new experiment for Studio DaphNat which will be posted tomorrow.

Also got some fun news from Danielle;
Corinne Delis will be giving 2 workshops for Memory Lane Scrapbooking on April 7.
Check out the MLS website for more details on these workshops.
If you couldn't make it to the Wacky Workshop Weekend to take one of Corinne's classes
you now have a new opportunity. I have a feeling they are both going to be really great!


malou said...

Daphne, I LOVE the new look on your blog here, totally lovin' the purple! I am sorry to hear that you are still sick hope you will feel better soon. YOu are my kinda girl-a multitasker even though you are sick, at least make the most of it, right? Your cat is so cute!
To answer your question-No, those are not shoulder pads! WE (the santos ladies in our family) have broad shoulders) I don't know about my sister's shoulder those look l.ike extra shoulder pads, aren't they? LOL!

MaMaLoT said...

Ohhhh, Nutella looks so sweet! Those shoe pics on your bed look very yummie! :)

Eminepala said...

Ow sweetheart
Are you still sick?? Beterschap meid...

And HOW COOL, YOU ARE GOING TO MEET GWEN STEFANI... Make sure you take A LOT OF PICS to scrapbook :)

Hope you will get better soon...

Nat said...

Glad you are doing better!!! Love your little kitty !

chanel said...

I got Gwen tickets too ... in Australia! its gonna be great, we will have to share stories :-)