Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have been tagged....

by Fauve!

I have to
"List 5 weird things about myself or my pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Don't forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog."

1) I hate to order drinks in a bar. When I am in a club, a pub or a grand cafe.. somebody else has to go the bar and order the drinks. Don't know why.. although I used to go to the bar when I really liked the guy working there.hmmmmm

2) I cannot hold the wooden stick of an icecream in my bare hands. The feeling of this "wood" on my skin freaks me out and sends chills running down my spine. I also have this feeling sometimes with paper napkins!

3) When I am swimming (sea or swimmingpool).. nobody should even come close to me and try to push my head under water for fun! I will flip if this happens and able to slap you in the face when you try this on me!

4) I cannot bear it if someone touches me with his or her toes (toenails....)Woehaaa. This is sooooo disgusting. The most ugly part of the human body... and D@nielle.. I totally understand that you need nailpolish on them!

5) And yes D@nielle... like you I love laundry baskets, but I only have 4 of them so you win! I am sooo glad to find out I am not alone!
I love doing the laundry... every part of it The smell of laundry hanging to dry.
The weird thing about me doing the laundry has to do with the folding:
All my husbands t-shirts (my own clothing as well) have to be folded in a special size so that 2 piles of shirts can fit next to eachother in his wardrobe. And here comes the worst part: I sort his t-shirts on colour, printed or not, longsleeve or shortsleeve.... 4 different piles of shirts...hehe!
I drive him crazy with this because always messes up the nicely organized wardrobe.. but he can always find the shirt he wants very easily!!

I think this is enough weirdness for today.. if I come up with more (and I can guarantee you there is more) I'll let you all know

BTW I'm tagging Malou and Kellie

Sunday, August 27, 2006


.... I am doing something with my weddingpictures... who have been laying around my room for more than a year now...

This one, with the purple border, I have made for the Patterned Paper challenge #5 and for the Elsie Challenge #2

These 2 are the pages with pictures from my weddingnight! And the journaling on the right page... is from my husband! I asked him to participate in the making of our weddingalbum, and he is more than willing to do so...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

If I would have made it to round # 3 of LSS....

.... I would have posted this LO. And then I would have totally agreed with them for not letting me go on to round # 4 hahaha!
I love the colours, but the rest....hmmmm. Was not really inspired by this challenge!

Everybody who did not make to the 3rd round, please feel welcome to continue with the challenge and post your LO right here!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Did this last night... it was fun to do!
check out the this thread in the pub

The story continues....

The comment I left yesterday on the Effer Dare website behind the girl named no longer there! Hmmmm... All it said was that I was dissapointed not to have made it to the next round and not to see my name on the list, and at the end of the post I wished everybody still in the competition good luck with the next dare.
Yeah... that is really dangerous and offensive content hehe!

It doesn't matter.. I know I made a beautiful layout.. and I am happy to hear that there are a lot of people out there who agree with me!
Got over it by doing some scrap shopping today.. bought some new Basic Grey and some really cool Pirate paper with skulls and all. Had to buy some new Rouge de Garance as well...
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Friday, August 18, 2006


dissapointed... did not make it to round #3 of the LSS competition.
I'll never know if it has something to do with
  • 1) showing my boobs on an American "family" website

  • 2) my layout being hidden in a private album for a few hours so that they could not judge it....
I know my layout was not bad so... that cannot have been the reason for being kicked out of the competition.

I really hate losing this competition but I am also happy for everybody who is on that list! It feels great to see your name there... I remember it from last week!

Anyway.... now that I don't have to spend my whole weekend working on this challenge...I'll start with Elsie's book, which I bought recently but have only looked at (every day) until today...

Have a great weekend everybody!
Hope to do some serious scrap shopping tomorrow....hehe

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Have a look on the pub
Now I understand why my the link to my LO on the effer dares website did not work this afternoon, and why my LO was hidden in a private album all of a sudden.

I must say I am a bit dissapointed.... reading some of the comments make me really sad... There is nothing more pure than a naked body! And... as most of them say in their comments (luckily)... I did this very very tasteful!
Hopefully it will not be taken down or hidden in a private album again!

Before posting it on 2peas on Wednesday I was actually thinking on putting a black bar over my boobs... but I just refused to censor myself...
Then we should also boycot museums for having nude paintings in their collection!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I posted my LO for the LSS dare this afternoon and I want to say
to D@nielle, Malou and Fauve for supporting me here on my blog and on 2 peas. It is always good to have people supporting you. On to the next round..... I hope!

Last Scrapper Standing #2

Last week when I knew we had to use 13 photo's for this LO I immediately had the idea to make 13 pictures of myself and cut them up. I put the white border around it so they will not have any trouble seeing that there really are 13 pictures.
If you enlarge the photo you can read the journaling. I would have journaled more if I had more space, but I definitely did not want to make a 2 page LO. This was far more difficult, to use that many pictures on 1 page.
Hopefully I will get some good news friday.....

Rouge de Garance -PP
Bazill - Cardstock
Heidi Swapp - Self Adhesive (not all the time....grrr) Chipboard Letters

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's raining

It is the middle of summer, it's supposed to be great weather but happens here in Holland.... yes! It's raining non-stop! The plants on my balcony are almost drowning. Last month we were almost dying because it was so terribly hot and now..... you cannot leave the house without your jacket! The picture is from 3 weeks ago... me, blogging on the balcony.

I am working on the 2nd Last Scrapper Standing LO. On Wednesday it has to be finished again.... I think it is going to be great!.... Can't show it yet... almost finished!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Patterned Paper Challenge # 4 HOME

The idea was to use at least 4 different papers and to make a "bridge"with painted letters.... I used the papers but the bridge... I don't see it! Maybe you do need Ali's book to see what it meant exactly...
Well, anyway; on the picture you can see my apartment, right there in the upperleft corner on the 4th floor. In 2 months I have been living there for 10 years and with 4 different men! I moved in here in 1996 with my (then) "love of life". But in 2000 we split up after 7 years! and I had to find someone to share the rent with. From 2001 until 2004 I have lived here with 2 friends of mine. When I met my husband in 2000 (just after I split up with "love of my life")I could not have imagined that one day we would be living together. But he moved in in 2004 and in May 2005 we got married! We are now looking to buy a house some place else, because I am starting to get bored with all the memories that his house keeps for me......

Friday, August 11, 2006

Next Round LSS!!!! + Freestyle # 16

Around 16.00 hrs (Amsterdam time) I found out that I have passed the first round of the Last Scrapper Standing Competition! Yee.. I am excited and full of ideas for the 2nd LO we have to do! I have the whole weekend to work on this one!

Yesterday I finished this LO for the Freestyle blog. This is the first LO I did about my sister (I have 2 of them; both older than me). The challenge was to crop a picture in an unusual way. On the picture you see her with her Chanel anti wrinkle eyepatch on (I have them too... they work fantastically!)The journaling is about how she is talking about having a facelift when she is 37... she has been saying this for the last 15 years already. And now she is only 1,3 years away from her 37th birthday...
Everybody tells her that she does not need to do it.. but if she has something in her head.... no one can stop her!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last Scrapping Standing # 1

This is the LO for the Last Scrapper Standing contest; organised by the "Effer Dares". I have not participated in any contest since I was little so I am a bit excited!For detailed journaling look HERE

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How Much is Too Much # 9

A new LO for the How Much Is Too Much challenge. I like the colours, I like the flowers but I'm not sure about the "look"... it doesn't look like it is too much!
I used exactly the amounts op PP (15), metals (10) and rubons (5) for the challenge.
Made this picture of myself on a vacation in Fuerteventura, February 2002. This was the first vacation of me and my husband (we were not yet married then. I have a lot of good memories of this trip!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Freestyle Challenge Silhouette

The title of this LO is: "I am a woman"
I tried some totally new things for this challenge: I USED PINK! Woehaa! In my whole house you will find nothing pink... I do not know why. I like pink, I just do not buy pink stuff.
The text on the picture is a copy from the dictionary on the page with the lemma "woman".
On the picture you cannot see me holding my boobs because of the flash....
I incorporated typical elements in the LO what is making me a woman like boobs and a uterus. Behind the dictionary text is a picture of me holding my boobs, I used very subtle lighting for this selfportrait...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Patterned Paper Challenge #2 & #3

I finally had the time (pfff.. I have just been too lazy) to post my patterned paper challenge nr 2 (more details here), for which I made my own patterned paper. I just bought this new summerdress and I just had to a LO about it! I feel really great wearing this dress and this is what the journaling says!
The photo has got some movement as you can see; I just put down my skirt again after having lifted it for fun...because I wanted to see if my husband was quick enough to make a photo of it...but then I heard somebody approaching...and put it down instantly. Haha... he was too late! Would not have shown that picture on my blog if it had worked out... haha!
Don't we all do these kind of silly things from time to time?

For Patterned Paper Challenge # 3 I used 7 different patterned papers (all Basic Grey though)and a picture of my youngest niece Floor with her boyfriend Vincent. The journaling reads that of all the nieces I have, she is the only one for which I have really warm feelings.
I hardly ever see her (you know, on weddings and funerals....) but when I see her, I just love her! Made myself a promise after the last time I saw her, which was 2 weeks ago, to maintain contact more often.