Thursday, August 17, 2006


Have a look on the pub
Now I understand why my the link to my LO on the effer dares website did not work this afternoon, and why my LO was hidden in a private album all of a sudden.

I must say I am a bit dissapointed.... reading some of the comments make me really sad... There is nothing more pure than a naked body! And... as most of them say in their comments (luckily)... I did this very very tasteful!
Hopefully it will not be taken down or hidden in a private album again!

Before posting it on 2peas on Wednesday I was actually thinking on putting a black bar over my boobs... but I just refused to censor myself...
Then we should also boycot museums for having nude paintings in their collection!


sweet_grenadine said...

Your layout is simply gorgeous girl! I think it was tastefully done, and I am sorry if people have hurt you with their comments etc. I just love your layout so much. It's wonderful, so hold your head up!!!
Awesome job!

Kellie (babygotscraps)

Tara in AZ said...

I saw your LO in the gallery at 2peas. I think the general amount of comments were positive. I think most of us wish we had your confidence. It makes me wish I had taken photos like yours before the baby came along. Unfortunately people get bent out of shape over nudity, like it's okay if it's for a men's magazine, but art is a whole other story. It's especially true here in the states. Oh well. I loved your layout, and hopefully it'll inspire people to not be so uptight, it's just scrapbooking after all.

Good luck in the contest, I'm looking forward to seeing your next LO this coming week.

Tara from AZ

*Fauve* said...

Don't mind what negative things they say girl!!You have a beautiful body and your LO ROCKS!!
So those people who are living under a rock and never watch tv and never go to the beach are nothing to be a shame about.


Big kiss

malou said...

Oh, Daphne! I think you were very brave to do that LO and there is TOTALLY NOTHING WRONG w/it, my goodness people sometimes just over react! Keep up the great work and your self expression! Take care, Malou