Friday, August 18, 2006


dissapointed... did not make it to round #3 of the LSS competition.
I'll never know if it has something to do with
  • 1) showing my boobs on an American "family" website

  • 2) my layout being hidden in a private album for a few hours so that they could not judge it....
I know my layout was not bad so... that cannot have been the reason for being kicked out of the competition.

I really hate losing this competition but I am also happy for everybody who is on that list! It feels great to see your name there... I remember it from last week!

Anyway.... now that I don't have to spend my whole weekend working on this challenge...I'll start with Elsie's book, which I bought recently but have only looked at (every day) until today...

Have a great weekend everybody!
Hope to do some serious scrap shopping tomorrow....hehe


Miss Carrie said...

I have to say that I was very upset to see you didn't advance to round three. I thought your submission was absolutely more ways then one:



thought provoking


I commend you for not censoring yourself.

Keep rockin' it girl, that layout was pure genius.

ps - can you forward me the link for that patterned paper company...that link on that girls blog was not working :(

sweet_grenadine said...

Daphne, you know how I feel about your layout, it was tastefully done girl! I love it and am suprised you didn't get to #3.
Either did I, so we can both wallow for a little bit, lol...
Well I have the same book as you and can hardly wait to jump into it!
Sent you an email, hope to hear back from you soon.

Kellie (babygotscraps)

malou said...

Daphne, I know how you feel about being disappointed about not making it into round #3, I know how devastated I was when I did not make it but we do go on. I thought your LO really rocked it, the lo you did was tastefully done and THERE is nothing wrong w/it, keep up the great work w/your lo's. Take care, girl! Malou