Thursday, March 08, 2007

Visual Chronicles - Prompt Tags

A while ago I bought the book "Visual Chronicles" (you can see it in the sidebar).
Since I have the flu, I have installed myself in bed with my laptop and some books.
And I was flipping through Visual Chronicles..not really able to read because my head, ears and throat are hurting big time, until I came upon this chapter about prompt tags.
In this chapter the writers explain how to use tags with your own chosen prompts to help you with your journaling.

Not being able to sleep because somebody outside was cutting down all the trees in the neighbourhood (at least it sounded like this) I decided to bring into my bed some tags, walnut Ink and Distress Ink to create my own prompt tags.
First I inked them all, waited for them to dry and then I added some cool stamping to the back.
Will add the prompts later.

Also, because being sick at home makes me feel quite useless I worked on a new banner for Emine's blog. A few days ago I saw her cry for help on her blog; she needed help with a banner.
Today I made one for her and also installed it on her blog. Check it out HERE.
And while you are visiting her blog, don't forget to have a look at her wonderful Hambly album :)!


Nat said...

I love those facts and I even more love you did them in bed - LOL"

Marguerita said...

Scrapbooking in bed? Cool! Did you have someone take pictures?

MaMaLoT said...

Love the tags, love the banner, love your bloggie ánd love you! :)

Hope you feel better in a short time!

*fauve* said...

awww you poor thing,hope you will feel better soon!!Like the tags though...And your new blog look totally fits you :D

Eminepala said...

Hi Daphne

You are the best girl... Thank you again for helping me!!! You are amazing... And I LOVE your tags...

Beterschap meid

malou said...

Sorry, girl that you are sick! YOu have been working too hard! Love the tags you have made. That was so nice to do the banner for Ms. Emine (luv this girl and of course, you too!) Beautiful banner!

Mirjam said...

Oh, poor you! Hope you feel better soon! Great tags, love the one by one image (well you know what I mean) Great idea for a series of ATC's. Great idea to bring your ink into bed too LOL.
Great banner for Emine.

Mandy said...

Walnutink? Between the bedlinnens? Girl, you live on the edge LOL, love the outcomes of it! And your banner for Emine is very very cool.... Hope you feel better soon!
Those tickets you just got will probably help ;-)

christiane said...

get well soon!! inking in the bed must be real fun ;) love the tags, especially the hand. it's a little bit like *dürers - betende hände*.