Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Books!!

You might have noticed that I have posted new books in my sidebar.
Claudine Hellmuth had to make room for 2 wonderful books which I just received yesterday.
For Dutch readers: I ordered them at and they arrived within a week.

If you click on the books you can find more information about the content.
I did not have a lot of time yet to study them carefully. But I can already tell you tell you that I will enjoy them a lot.
Both of them contain a lot of detailed step by step instructions. I really love this in creativity books, because I am not really the workshop type kind of girl, and I love to learn from books and try things at home.

From Visual Chronicles I have only read the first chapter, which is about creating your "personal palette". This means that you make your own (tag)book with pictures of your family, yourself etcetera and put some corresponding colors next to the pictures. This way if you are making a layout or an art journal page you will instantly know which colors to use for this person.
You are also advised to do the same for feelings... and their corresponding colors; but all according to you. For instance, if the corresponding color for Love is green for you.. that's ok: you are making a PERSONAL PALETTE!
So I might give this a try... It is something what you can do in between doing other things.

I have not yet read in the Altered Books Workshop, but it looks very very promising :.


Francine said...

Ziet er HEEL gaaf uit!

Nat said...

Thanks for the review- I have none of those books! Can't wait to hear what you say about the second one!

*Fauve* said...

They both look awesome,enjoy them!!

MaMaLoT said...

Wow, looks awesome! Will you take them to the MLS lunch? :)

Mandy said...

Yeah! Bring them along on feb 18th ok??