Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dutch Dare # 6

Dare #6 already... wow!
When we started these dares I would never have thought that I would enjoy them this much as I do now! Some are more difficult than others.. and this is one that was difficult for me because I have a hard time scrapping a "concept"... instead of a more practical dare like Dare #5.

The subject of this weeks dare is "Say Cheese", and all I could come up with was the following:
1) scrap about cheese..... a typical Dutch product
2) scrap a picture with people smiling from ear to ear

I chose the 2nd option.... and gave it a little "Daphne" twist......
The picture was taken at the Zaanse Schans , a typical Dutch place with mills, wooden shoes etcetera. If you want to have a laugh and see me in a big wooden HERE.
The journaling is about the reflex that follows when someone behind a camera says "Cheese".
Read the following quote on Classical Conditioning that I found on Wikipedia.

Classical conditioning (also Pavlovian conditioning,
respondent conditioning or alpha-conditioning) is a type of associative learning. Ivan
described the learning of conditioned behavior as being formed by
pairing stimuli to condition an animal into
giving a certain response. The simplest form of classical conditioning is
reminiscent of what Aristotle would have called
the law of contiguity, which states that: "When two things commonly occur
together, the appearance of one will bring the other to mind." Classical
conditioning originally focused on reflexive behavior or involuntary behavior.
Any reflex can be conditioned to respond to a formerly neutral stimulus. A view
of classical conditioning restricted to reflexes has been abandoned in recent
years, and voluntary responses to conditioned stimuli have made important
contributions to the field[1]

The combination of the picture and the journaling... well..I thought it is quite funny and it speaks for itself :)
Anyway... Enjoy the dare!


Nicole said...

You turn on this dare is super!!!
It's typicall YOU!!!

gr Nicole

Monique said...

Gaaf geworden!!

Mandy said...

Giegel giegel... die foto! Vind hem super!!!

Nat said...

LOL - totally love this - awesome idea to put this into the journaling- you rock!