Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Studio DaphNat Modeling Paste Results

Do I need to say anything about this page (besides that it is the very first photoswap I ever participated in)?
I don't think so...she kicks ass and I love her for it!


Nat said...

BLUSH!!! This is sooo cool- love the colors and all those snippets - hehe- and of course your kind words. Right back at you Baby!!! Love ya!!! I hope I can do your layout this weekend.

Huge hugs

Mandy said...

What a great use of the technique, love the results and Nat too! Can i add one? :) She is freakin' darn funny too hahaha. Your chalk photo btw is so perfect! Not only the pic, but also the state of your chalkbox! I dropped mine on the floor once (OK TWICE) and it looks uhm... not so pretty anymore :) Heck but i've got some great new colorcombo's in there now hehe and they suddenly come in all sizes :)