Sunday, July 13, 2008

Studio DaphNat - Modeling Paste & Chalk

I know you have got a box of chalk lying around, just like me, not knowing what to do with it anymore. Thinking of throwing it away, because every time you see it you are reminded about the fact that you bought something (again!) without actually using it ;-), and you hate to think about that!

Well.. after reading this post you might want to reconsider throwing away your chalk because Nat and I tried a cool technique which involves the use of chalk. The only thing might need to go out again(!) and buy something you probably don't have in your craft stash yet: Modeling Paste! If you are interested in what you can do with this product, check out this link

Back to business now. This time Nat chose the technique and she send me a photocopy of the technique, taken from "Scraptastic" by Ashley Calder.

What you need for the technique is the following:

Modeling Paste (I used "Molding Paste" from Golden)

The point of the technique is make a textured background on cardboard and Ashley Calder shows 2 ways to do this, but first you have to cover your cardboard with a layer of gesso, let dry and then apply some modeling paste. This has to be a smooth layer (I didn't listen and applied the modeling past with a paintbrush...)

The first way that is showed in the instructions is to wait until they modeling paste is dry and then sketch a design in it with a fine point metal stylus. Check out Nat's blog to see how she did this.
I chose to make the texture with stamps, by stamping in wet! modeling paste. Make sure to immediately! clean your stamp in water.

When everything has dried you can start to add some colour with your chalks! Finally! You are using them!

Visual aid for this technique:

Enjoy your Sunday and have fun trying this technique.. be sure to also check out Nat's blog; she has tried the stylus to make the texture!


Kerstin said...

Great! I think i will do this too.

Nat said...

This looks awesome girl- I love this!!!!

socialbutterfly said...

chalk - thanks for this reminder!! hehehe!! love what you did here!! have a fab week!! hugs!!

D@nielle said...

hmmmm, I think i have both so I don't need to go out for any supplies. Looks cool, should try it on something, but what ....