Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Skull Stencil - Bye Bye Mr Danger

On all the scrap related blogs I read I miss a topic that hardly anybody scraps about: politics! We can't escape it, so why not scrap about it?

For a while now I had this photo lying around which was taken in Madame Tussauds when we were visiting the White House last year.
Well..do I need to say someting more to "explain" this layout?

The title is actually a quote from my favorite dictator Hugo Chavez. The guy's got a a great sense of humor :-).

For now.... I am in doubt whether I will post this one on 2peas or not... hehe!


Nat said...

this layout is so so cool!!! Love it!

Angelique said...

Great topic and great LO! Well, let's see how Bush minded (or not) the people are @ 2Peas! LOL!

D@nielle said...

go on post it, people should be more openminded. But ehm the reason I don't scrap politic is because I don't get into it too much I'm afraid ...