Saturday, July 12, 2008

Book review - Journal Revolution

More than a year ago I bought the book "Visual Chronicles" from Karen Dinino & Linda Woods. You can read my blogposts about this book here.

I now also bought their 2nd book "Journal Revolution". Apart from their great sense of humor, this book also has some great easy to do techniques and ideas to offer to try to get you to start your own art journal. Their message? RISE UP AND CREATE.... HAVE NO FEAR :-).

Although I haven't shown anything yet on my blog that was directly inspired by this book, don't think I don't like it.... It is just that at the moment I am sort of overinspired...having purchased more cool new books and magazines. I just don't know where to begin! Technique overdose :-).

If you would ask me which one of the 2 books you should buy, I would say both!
They share the same kind of humor, the same approach to get you over your fear of starting a journal; the 2nd one is just more of the same good thing! More ideas, more inspiration and more eye candy!

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