Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Since I started scrapping, I started ordering craft books of all sorts.
By now great part of my bookshelfs are filled with craft books, one better than the other. Of course it still isn't enough... my online wishlist is so big, that I allow myself to order one book every month, or 2 if I haven't got one the month before. (this rule goes only for craft books and doesn't apply to novels or any non-fiction book I would like to buy :-)..hehe.

This month I ordered 2 books, one of them being the one shown above.
What can I see about this book: I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!
Every page contains the most gorgeous eye candy..but that is definitely not the best part for me. What makes this book so GREAT is that it is a technique book! YEEEE...
You aren't just looking at someone else's projects, which can be inspirational, but you actually can pick up this book time and time again when you are in need of a fantastic technique to spice up your layout, atc, canvas or whatever you are making.

I actually regret not having ordered it before... because in the meanwhile I have also ordered some books that were not really to my liking (being subtle here...).

My advice?
ORDER THIS BOOK NOW (If you don't already have it).

And are you curious about the other book I ordered? too... I didn't even took the time yet to look into absorbed as I was by this one.
More books later


Nat said...

Yeahhh - this is one of my favorite ever books too!!!
Miss ya girl!

D@nielle said...

looks good ! I haven't bought one in a while definately will check this one out.

dawn said...

I have this book - worth it alone for the inspiration - great choice :D