Friday, May 30, 2008

Direction 2

Since there is no Art Journal prompt every week, I decided to do another page with the prompt "direction".
I used the magazine cut out of the Amazon river that I actually wanted to use in the first "direction page" and combined it with 2 elephant photo's I made at the Stuttgart Zoo (be sure to click on the link and adore the cute little bear on the first page- it is a slideshow so take your time). The elephant walks from one place to the other...just goes there where the water is, living with the seasons.

The stamped text is actually part of the lyrics of a classic Dutch funeral song that used to be in the top 5 of funeral music for ages. I am happy to see that is doesn't show up anymore in this latest top 50.
Anyway... my point in using these lyrics (which say more or less: "Where to, and Why") in combination with the image of the elephant was to show that this animal knows exactly where it is going and why, and we, human beings, are always making it soooooo hard on ourselves... :-).
Isn't that just DEEP? hahaha


Nat said...

deep deep thoughts ;-) Love this!!!!

D@nielle said...

way to deep for me LOL....