Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everything will turn out fine

That is the message that I would like to say to Bincke's only nephew; Manu.
Right after he was born they discovered he had a hearing problem and since then (he is 2 years old now) it has slightly deteriorated. So for the specialists there is no knowing in what the future may bring for him and his hearing, but of course it is not a good sign that at such a young age it has already gone worse.
Luckily, a few months ago he got some hearing devices, so now he can start developing his speech better.

The journaling along the stems of the "waterplants" is about that luckily he has no clue (not yet) what so ever about the impact a hearing problem can have on someone's life.


Nat said...

what a wonderful wonderful layout!!! I love this very much and the message behind it!!! Hugs to Bincke's cousin!

malou said...

Cute baby, love this lo!!