Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just received

Elsie's Book. I love it! The challenges in it are really fun.
Unfortunately not all the LO's in the book are hers which is a pity because I love her funny/happy/colourful style!
You get 3 free Elsie fonts with this book, which are really cool too!


lee said...

how did you manage to get Elsie book I cant find it anywhere,


malou said...

Good for you, Daphne! Don't you just love it. It's okay, at least there is a lot of LO's from Elsie. Are you going to try to do some of her challenges? Post in your blog if you have done 'em!

Jeani said...

Got my book today! Love all the challenges. Did you download the fonts?

*Fauve* said...

Yeah Elsie is grea,love the book!!Are you going to do the challenges??