Thursday, July 06, 2006

21 CHALLENGE Day 11-12

Since November 6, 2005; the day on which I quit smoking after 15 years, my holiday in Spain was a new challenge:
EVERYBODY is smoking in Spain; a box of cigarettes is more than 2 euro cheaper than in Holland and I associate this place (Playa d'Aro) where I go on Holiday so much with smoking; I started smoking just before I came there for the 1st time. There is this Spanish Cigarette brand called Ducados which smells really good. I already smelt it just after leaving the aircraft on Barcelona Airport.
When I read this quote and I thought it was perfect for what I was feeling during this struggle NOT to smoke during my holiday. And I "survived"; did not smoke during 1,5 week.
TODAY exactly I have not been smoking for 8 months already!

Have to keep on going to the gym on a regular basis now; no more excuses for damaging my health.

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