Sunday, July 23, 2006

Me Book Challenge #4

This one was kind of hard for me.
I could have asked my mother all the questions I wanted but I would have to wait 3 months to get the answers....
So I decided to ask my father the things I always wanted to know but was afraid to ask.... I am not afraid anymore, he died a year ago;
My questions:
-Why did you start drinking?
-How can a father ignore his child for 13 years?
-Did you ever make plans to stop drinking and change your life for the better?
-Why did you hurt my mother?
-What are you ashamed of?
-Did you ever realize what effect your behavior had on me?

1 comment:

madeleine said...

some tuff question. i hope you got some answers. i think i'm going to do something similar. although they are all alive. take care.