Monday, August 11, 2008

Love List

For a while now I have a bloglines subscription to Chrysti's blog.
I found her on Flickr while I was looking for vintage pictures
and I joined her group Collage images; an amazing collection of pictures to use in your personal artwork.

Just recently I ordered a book in which she is featured...but unfortunately it is not yet published :-(. Check out this amazing artist for yourself and have a look at her photostream on Flickr or visit her blog.

Because one of her photo's was published on the cover of one of the amazing Stampington publications: LIFE IMAGES, she now has a contest on her blog (which ends today... gosh..I'm slow!).
Click the link to see what it is all about.
I decided to enter the contest by writing a Love List

So here it goes....


the sound of my coffee machine,
the feeling of a cat's tongue licking my hand
to prepare a homecooked meal for my baby instead of prefab babyfood
the smell of Stazon
nailpolish on my toenails
to float on water with my eyes closed
walking barefoot
eating sushi
to do the laundry
buy new books
the smell of new leather shoes
buy second hand furniture
a fresh hot cup of tea
to see birds take a bath in a little pool left by the rain
the smell of grass after a rainstorm
to walk in the rain during summer (on my way home, not to work obviously)
to keep a little piece of chocolate in my mouth until it melts completely
apply paint to a canvas with my hands
sing out loud when watching Hair
making art on small surfaces
to talk with little children
to spend a lot of money on lingerie
trying on new shoes
to make soup
candles..although I never lit them :-S
to shower before I have breakfast
small groups of people
second hand bookshops
Audrey Hepburn
to eat together
clean sheets
my hair being washed at the hairdresser
the feel of the wind on my face
saying hello to someone sitting next to me in public transport
my plastic Harry Potter cup
going to the craft store for acrylics and coming home with a bunch of supplies that I actually didn't need
writing this list... takes me longer than I thought though..

Great exercise!
Try it yourself and join the contest on Chrysti's blog!


Malou said...

Love the list! Sorry haven't been commenting. I'm going to check her out thanks for the links about her.

Nat said...

ahhh - love your list!!!!!!!

Mandy said...

Her stuff looks pretty impressive!
I love your list babe! BIT dissapointed of course to see that listening to Glenn Meideros is not on there *LOL*, but hey it's ok.

martha brown said...

well, I LOVE your blog -- I'm adding it to my list of blogs on my sidebar, okay?