Saturday, February 02, 2008

Studio Daphnat 2008!! - Paper Tearing Technique

I am happy to post the first Studio DaphNat of 2008.. hopefully the first of many :-)

The supplies for this week:
- Masking Tape
- Gel medium
- Patterned Paper / Text Paper.... any paper will do actually, just try what works for you

All you have to do is glue your paper (using gel medium) to your cardstock / canvas or whatever you are working on. Apply some masking tape. After a few minutes you can tear the tape off your background and it will reveal the other side of the page that you glued on. When you are using text paper you will see all the words reversed.
That's all! You will have a fantastic background! You can even make it even more fantastic using a thin wash of acrylic paint or rub your distress ink pad over it or whatever way you find to add some colour to it if necessary.
This technique was inspired by Claudine Hellmuth (again :-)...).

If you need some more explanation, go check out Nat's blog.. she has filmed the whole process. Enjoy it!


Nat said...

Love our results - so cool to add several layers!!! Huge hugs !!!

socialbutterfly said...

wow!! this turns out great!!

D@nielle said...

woohooo daphnat is back TFS it looks fab !

Charlotte said...

Love the results! Great work sweetie!

BTW: Awesome new banner!!!