Friday, February 01, 2008

Deck of Me - June 2007

I have finished them all...I am just too lazy scanning and posting them...

My cards for June:

#22 - prompt "what would you like to learn?" - play the piano...but I need patience for that...LOL

#23 - prompt "right now" - 14 weeks pregnant.... "right here, right now" (click the link for the best evolution video ever ;-)...).

#24 - prompt "Remember When" - Every year when I am in London for work we stay in a hotel very near to Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived. And every year I am surprised and amazed about the quantity of messages / flowers and other stuff people leave at the gate. Every year I wonder... will this go on forever? How long will it take for people to stop mourning. fascinates me and I have to go there every time..

#25 - prompt "a photo that means something to you" - you won't see me like this on a lot of pictures... on most of my holiday pictures you see me lying on a beach bed...with a book..doing nothing. So this pictures is really special to me LOL! On top of the highest point in Fuerteventura... a trip which took us like 2,5 hours.. we totally underestimated it. Let's just say I suffered some mood swings during the trip...but I was very happy to get to the top! This holiday was also the first for Michiel and I together :-). We both have great memories!


Nat said...

awesome cards- babe!!!! Love em! and the photo of you at fuerteventura is amazing!

D@nielle said...

fab cards especially the one with the photo !