Saturday, February 23, 2008

Deck of Me - August 2007

Week 31: No Regrets; I am 100% sure that I married the right guy :-)
Week 32: Quiet; old time favorite hobby
Week 33: 10 Minutes; that is all the time it takes to make a baby LOL
Week 34: Funny haha; a list of tv shows/movies I think are hilarious!

Check out this funny parody on one of my favourite tv characters PINGU... he makes my day...everyday!


Nat said...

bwwAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- too funny! I remember pingu as a child - hahahah- never had the communism idea with it though- hahahah- who thinks of something like this.

D@nielle said...

fab cards, pingu is funny !

Malou said...

Love the cards, you are too funny, Daphne!!! Love ya girl! Malou

Mandy said...

FAB cards babe, and jeez that art journal you started is very very cool. Pingu is my fave too, i just love it how they talk nonsense, but i seem to understand every word haha. Can't open de parody, hm...
ps: gorgeous colormatch ;)

socialbutterfly said...

* conservative motherfucker * LOL yeah!! pingu is the greatest!! he makes my day to!! and your *deck of me* also!!