Friday, September 01, 2006

Nutella = 2 years old!!

Nutella is our "oldest" cat... when we got her she was soooo sick that the vet thought she would not live very long. But with a lot of medication and TLC she survived and is now a very healthy and happy cat (with a trauma from her youth at the farm.....

Until next wednesday I will not be updating my blog(s) because I have to go to London for a few days to work here. 2 times a year we go here to meet our customers and to present our new collection of gothic clothing... and no... I do not wear it myself!


*Fauve* said...

Have fun in London Girly!!Are you going to visit some scrapbook store's??


*Fauve* said...

sorry forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY with your cat Nutella :)