Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back!

Got back today from working a few days in London.
Here's some pictures to get an idea what this trade fair looks like.
It is actually a trade fair like any other trade fair. The place to meet our customers and make new contacts and of course we are trying to sell as much as possible!
I bought (and ordered) some really nice clothing on the show.. will show pictures later. Some of the exhibitors are selling their samples at the end of the fair and since the last day is always a bit quiet, we consider this our shopping day!

-This is the view from our booth on to the ground floor.

-The right side of our booth, showing half of our collection.

-Instead of lunch, we have sweets and champagne, not just bubbly stuff but the real thing Moet & Chandon... of course this is to attract more customers and their children to our booth.. and it works!

-My sister (on the left) and Noortje (on the right) who helped us for these 3 days! They are both wearing clothing from our latest collection.

-This is me with one of my favorite customers. She has a store in Madrid

The fair was really good and fun! Unfortunately I never have time to go in to the city or do some shopping outside of the fair... so next time I will try to go to London 2 days before the show starts to visit some scrapbook stores and to actually see something more than the inside of my hotelroom, the taxi or the exhibition centre! If anyone can recommend a good scrapbook store in London, post a comment please!


*Fauve* said...

WOW looks cool!!I always love to see people wearing those clothes :D
It's good to have you back!!

Malou said...

Yay, ms. Daphne is back!!! You are such a beautiful lady!

D@nielle said...

wow a trade show looks really interesting, hope it was a suc6, and don't you look great in black ! grts, D@nielle

*Fauve* said...

Joehoeeeeee where are you?? :D