Monday, April 28, 2008


I might not be posting.... but I am still creating and my "creative zone" is messier than ever :-).
My time is limited nowadays so now I have to choose between blogging or creating..... so I choose creating. I sometimes only have 10 minutes a day, just enough to glue down the photo and the paper that I arranged on the cardstock the day before. This way it takes like a week or so to finish a layout or a page from my art journal.

So now I have to find myself some time to make pictures of my recent projects and show them to the world... see ya later!


Nat said...

love your creative messy space ;-) And ten minutes is a cool goal to get creative juices flowing. Hugs - miss you!

D@nielle said...

utilize every free moment ! Let's catch up soon.

Malou said...

I would do the same thing too, just create instead of blog but i have been blogging instead of creating but I have done some special projects for other people, though. Glad to hear you are doing well. Love Malou