Sunday, March 09, 2008

Art Journal 2008 - Future

When I was in High School the government came up with this slogan "A smart girl is prepared for her future". The goal was to encourage girls to choose not only the typical girl subjects for their study such as languages, but to choose math and science instead.
I sucked at math so I went to university..doing a typical 'girl' study; Spanish Language and Culture.
I used the slogan on the bottom of the page together with the crystal ball to make the point that you never know what the future will bring...and there is no guarantee that having studied math instead of Spanish would have changed my life significantly.


Charlotte said...

Totally agree on this! Great page sweetie!

Mandy said...

Ooo jaaa, die kreet, dat weet ik nog hahahaha. Maar mijn scheikundeleraar miste een halve vinger en dat was niet echt een stimulerende factor om voor zijn 'riskante' vak te kiezen ;) Buiten dat had ik ├╝berhaupt geen aanleg voor alles wat in de buurt komt van wiskunde... Wat een geweldige traditie ben je gestart voor Bincke!

Nat said...

oh that is cool - LOL. LOve this!!! I sucked in math too ;-)

Will email you later- I have to get myself away from the Computer now!