Saturday, November 10, 2007

Global Perspectives #1 - Hollands Glorie?

Finally there is a new challenge blog that actually asks something from you beyond the usual topics people scrap about normally. Check it out HERE to see what it is all about.

For the first challenge they asked to tell something about your own country:
On my layout you see a collage of typical dutch things; some of which I like, some of which I don't like. As an illustration to this double feeling I have, I used the lyrics from a Dutch song called "Het land van.." ( The land of.."). This song is about all the good and the bad things that Holland has to offer to its people. The title I used (Hollands glorie?) means something like "The best of Holland?".

I think in the end I am proud to be Dutch (and no Rita...I will not join your new political group LOL).. but there are also quite a few things that irritate me daily when I see it on the news.

Here are some links, following the numbers on the pictures / in my journaling:
1) Marihuana: In Holland this drug is not illegal; I like it to have a choice without being thrown in jail. More info about the typical Dutch drug policy can be found in this article on Wikipedia

2)Windmills: something for tourists... they like them a lot
More info HERE

3)Pim Fortuyn: the Netherlands' first modern age political assassination. I didn't like his ideas, but am still wondering what would have happened if he had won the elections (this would have happened if he had not been killed). More info on him and his idea HERE

4) Theo van Gogh: another controversial man, like Pim Fortuyn. On the day of his murder and the weeks after the whole country was in shock and I think a lot of people were in fear of a big explosion of Muslim violence. Luckily this did not happen. I liked Theo's sense of humour, although sometimes he was really really rude, especially about Islam. An extensive article on him HERE

5) Bugaboo: I love this product. I think it is a good example of a really strong brand that conquers the world. It even appeared in "Sex in the City", and Gwybet Paltrow has it too. I am proud that it is a Dutch product. Of course I have bought one too for my mini-me...second hand though... it is sooo expensive. Check out their website.

6) Febo: Typical Dutch warm snacks "from the Wall"... You throw in 1 euro, open the little door and there is your snack... Imagine this...a whole wall full of little doors with snacks behind it. That's the Febo experience! I love to go there sometimes...they also sell the best French Fries :-).

7) Burka Babes: a really funny comic with comments about Islam and the role of muslim women in Dutch Society. Hilarious book! These burka babes have a lot humour!

8) De Zwaan (The Swan): Officially called the Erasmusbrug, this fantastic piece of architecture is stunning..or at least I think so! I don't really like Rotterdam (living in Amsterdam myself ;-)...)but they have some great architectural sites to visit!

9) Tulips: Aren't they the most beautiful flower you have ever seen? I love the simplicity of this flower! They are my favorites.

10) Bicycles: the weather doesn't matter..Dutch people hop on their bike..... I just ride my bicycle in the summer, for fun trips and picnics :-).

11)Traffic Jams: a rapidly growing problem..I hate it!

12) National Soccer Team: when they play..almost everybody wears something "orange".

For more info on The Netherlands.. check out this Wikipedia article.



Nat said...

Wow- what an awesome collage of different things- makes one really think - I love what you did!!!! Thanks for joining!

Angelique said...

Love it!!!!!

Mandy said...

COOL! Love that song too, i used the lyrics also on a layout, the words are so true...

Charlotte said...

Wow sweetie... you really rocked this challenge! And your words are sooo true!

BTW... good to know you're not joining Rita either... otherwise our friendship really had to end... LOL

christiane said...

wow!! great take on this challenge!!

Francine said...

I love your take on the challenge, this page makes me want to visit Holland even more! :) Thanks for playing :)

*fauve* said...

awesome take on the challenge,sooo Dutch!!Verry cool girly!!Wooohooo the duedate is almost there sweety!!Im getting excited and you?? :D

malou said...

I like these little tid bits about Holland, very interesting facts.