Thursday, May 21, 2009


With her I don't have the fear to mess up a self designed crochet/knitted/sewed project because it is sooo tiny! So when I screw up I just try again or take it apart. This is not my favorite thing when I make something for myself so I am totally enjoying design freedom with this doll because it doesn't cost as much time nor money... which is a good thing, because I spend enough already on the doll itself haha :-)


Angelique said...

Ehhmm, hoe krijg je dat kleine gehaakte hemdje over dat grote hoofd? Haha! Of er je hebt een sluiting aan de achterkant vh hemdje of Poppy's hoofd kan eraf met aan- en uitkleden?

Nat said...

*snigger* - now I got it that is why you bought her :)