Thursday, January 22, 2009

Saturday evening...

.... the doorbell rings. DH answers the intercom to see who's there; a parcel delivery for miss D. de Jong. Hmm...wonder what that could be, I didn't order anything (not this week). DH goes downstairs to pick up the parcel (the postguy is not allowed to go up, we have to come down).A few minutes later he returns with a HUGE parcel.
Luckily I have a little helper nowadays who is VERY eager to open and close whatever is at hand. I haven't been sooo excited to see the content of a parcel for a long time now, because normally you order something and when it finally comes to your house, you already know what is in it. This parcel however is a complete surprise and so is the content!

DRUMROLL as she opens the big box of goodies:

I could not believe my eyes! Inside these box were like so many different meant for scrapbooking originally I guess, but I also noticed some items that I can definitely use for sewing as well! The also included art-guerilla book has been on my wish list a long time...
I must honestly say that what looks like a kilo of scrapbooking papers (mostly Rose Moka :-)...) is a bit intimadating now that I hardly do any scrapbooking at the moment, but... I felt the scrapbook itch the minute I looked at them, one by one beautiful papers.
Lots of tags, ephemera and crocheted flowers.... I can't describe all the things that were in the goodie box.

THANK YOU DEAR NAT for remembering my birthday and acting upon it :-)))).
Thank you, everyone else who send me text messages, emails, cards or called me to congratulate me! Love you all!

( took me almost 2 hours to make this blogpost...that's the effect having a baby has on time, so now you now why I hardly blog lately).


Nat said...

LOL - I wanted to get the itch back to you to scrapbook - LOL. I'm so glad you like the content and that you hadn't had the book - I wasn't sure :-)

Huge hugs

Malou said...

Happy Belated birthday,Ms. Daphne. Sorry have missed it I am bad when it comes to remembering birthday! I know you had a great one. Awesome stuff you got from Nat and love your little helper she is so darn cute!

Christiane said...

that what friends are for!!
hey, waiting for the pic!!! ;)

Mandy said...

That is so sweet of her!
Hope you got my textmessage on your birthday... I encounter the same time issues when it comes to combining blogging (oh well, paste in every word you'd like her ending on "ing") and a fast, whirlwind toddler with speedy little hands that aim for destruction what-ever they touch :)