Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nothing more boring....

.... than a blog without regular updates :-)...
I actually stopped posting after the weekend Nat was in Amsterdam... a weekend soooo relaxing, that I tried to avoid the computer as much as possible in my free time!
We spend 2 wonderful days shopping, walking, relaxing and we already did some Christmas preparation shopping here and here. Nat got me the text stamp as a present..yay!!

Besides that I have been busy sewing and sewing and sewing. This new hobby of mine needs a lot of practice and consumes most of my free time.. which is fine by me. I always thought sewing was not my thing but I am loving it!!

I am currently working on this pattern with this cool Alexander Henry fabric "Birds of a Feather". Hope to finish it this saturday when I go to the 2nd day of the advanced sewing course (btw...that is my skirt on their homepage).

I am sorry to say that I missed out on a month of Sunday Postcard Art.. they continue to come up with great themes and beautiful cards!

Furthermore I joined the very first swap in my life:

ooops...I hear a baby crying... it's mine..gotta go now!


D@nielle said...

i was wondering what you've been up to ;)

Nat said...

YEAHHHH . she is alive :-)

Malou said...

I know you are busy w/stuff and me, too. I just wanted to thank you also for always stopping by my blog and always leaving a comment, appreciate it alot! Take care, love. Malou

socialbutterfly said...

you're so right!! have fun, girl!! :))