Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Studio DaphNat - Sculpting with Gel Medium

This time Nat and I chose a somewhat labour intensive technique; it takes several days for your project to dry fully so if you plan on making some short term, don't try this one.
Take your time and will get great results.. hopefully hehe!

For some time now I have 2 traditional photo albums lying around, which I planned to use for my wedding pictures and my honeymoon (now 2,5 years ago). The linnen cover and the colour made me buy them...but I wanted to get rid of the embossed words in the cover. So.....when I ran into this technique in this book I knew I wanted to use it to cover up the words.

And so I started:
Step 1: Cover your project with gesso.
Step 2: Add a thin layer of acrylic paint.
Step 3: Add 3 dimensional object to your project.
Step 4: Cover this completely with extra heavy gel medium.
Step 5: Wait a few days until the project is fully dry.
Step 6: To finish: add another thin wash of acrylic paint to the project.

The pictures suck because of the dark weather... circumstances for taking a good picture are not that good..but you get the point I think. I might change the photo album cover later on... because I like the result..but not enough. haha!

Hope you like the technique.. I think that this one also needs some more practice. The point is to make 3 dimensional projects with extra heavy gel medium. Just have fun and don't be afraid to experiment and throw away the results when you don't like it. Just start over!

Now go over to Nat's site to see if she like the technique or not and what she did with it!


Charlotte said...

Interesting technique! ;) Love the one with the lace... :)

Nat said...

this turned out way better than mine- love it. Mine looks like a rotten plastique thingy from the 70s - lol.

*Fauve* said...

hmmm hard 1!Luv the purple!

D@nielle said...

looks fab, so ehm what photo's are going in this album ?

christiane said...

the result is fab!! btw; you're in my thoughts!! wish you all my best!! hugs!!

*Fauve* said...

girl,im waiting for BABY NEWS!!Luv ya

dawn said...

Fantastic and the results are stunning - loving your techniques hun :)