Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend :-) / :-(

All week you are looking forward to the weekend and when it is finally discover you are just as busy as the whole working week. On Saturday we usually do all the grocerie shopping for the whole week as well as all the cleaning. So...when we are finished we have about an hour to relax before we have to start the dishes...(AGAIN!!!) etcetera.
Sunday is usually a "social" day, we visit family/friends or they visit us.
So sometimes the whole weekend passes without having time to do something for yourself... and I am very attached to time for myself.

Anyway.... this weekend is such a weekend that I have very little time to do something fun and relaxing for myself like scrapping for instance... but luckily Nat has come up with a very cool looking technique for studio DaphNat (which will be posted tomorrow), that doesn't take up too much time.. (I think). So check back tomorrow afternoon for a new technique!

Oh...and don't forget to check out the latest Dutch Dare, which was posted last wednesday. Just in case you have a weekend with not much to do... try the dare!


Mandy said...

That is one cool new blogbanner you have there!! I hope you have a minute or two to yourself this weekend... Pregnant woman do have the best excuse to just temporarily say "i need some me-time" and skip the social duties on a sunday LOL...

christiane said...

we had such a weekend too!! i sooo know what you mean!!