Friday, October 13, 2006

They look real cute...

... but they smell awfull. The worst rubbersmell you can imagine? Yes that is what they smell like. The stamps I mean....
They are not Elsie's design (boehoe). And the text on some of the stamps is in French so...

I have only used this stamps on 1 LO until now.. and that is the LO I made for the
October Challenge from Memory Lane Scrapbooking.
Check out the site regularly to see if it already has been placed, because I will not show it here on my blog.

On this LO you do not see the stamping really good, so I will make a new one soon.

Enjoy your day!
It is Friday the 13th!


Jen said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you too!
I'll be checking the site.

Have a great weekend!

D@nielle said...

@ the end of the week everyone and everything should be presented ! too bad they smell awfull but they look really cute !